Friday, September 23, 2005

Welcome to Open Source Healing

Here you can access the wisdom of many holistic practitioners that are all linked together on AUDIO blogs. This allows you to actually HEAR the voices and teachings of a wide variety of practitioners, educators, coaches and healers and if you find a holistic service provider you resonate with and would like to go deeper with, you may contact them directly. Most of the people linked to this site offer teleclasses and private phone sessions, so distance is not an obstacle.

The audioblogs are FREE; free to listen to and free to join if you are a practitioner.

Enjoy the Journey!

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For practitioners wanting to create an audio blog and link to Open Source Healing, it’s easy and free. Follow the directions posted below. Or e-mail Dr. Mark at to enroll in a low cost audio blog building teleclass ($15) if you would prefer more assistance.

Dr. Mark’s Vision
We have the capacity to take ourselves beyond the limits of physicality and connect with others by shifting our attention to what we all have in common. This process of 'rejoining humanity already in progress' is what we get glimpses of one-on-one each day. The key is to turn this conversation internal and open ourselves up to what allows us to be still. In a nutshell, the clearer and more centered someone becomes within themselves, the more they can 'broadcast' that signal to others.

In a biological sense, there is no 'distance' between you and me at all. We're like eddies in a stream of consciousness, each with our own local level of self-definition or coherence. That's why so many different modalities 'work' to promote a healing response in us. We're constantly tuning in to find a greater source of coherence within and around us. What I share in my audio blog concerns how to use whatever attitude you're in as a starting point for accessing our own flavor of stillness within.

I invite other people that possess similar holistic resources to join me in this. With Open Source Healing, we are creating a string of blogs that'll provide thousands of people with action steps they otherwise wouldn't have. What's more, the intent of each Open Source blogger will apply the principles of interconnectedness that can make the awareness of wholeness a feeling that we all can exude. With the massive rescue and recovery effort underway in the Gulf region, these messages serve as a vital way to support those in need. With thousands of displaced families seeking support of any kind, Open Source Healing becomes a virtual beacon to tell them they are not alone.